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Welcome to Bibles For Russia



Russian missionaries have been asked to come, bringing food,

children's clothing and shoes so the children can attend school.

The mission will start September 17.

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  Bibles For Russia, Inc. is a Christian foreign missions board, specializing in taking short-term mission teams to "plant and grow churches" across the former Soviet Union.  Our goal is 1,000.  We've been at it since 1988.  As of January, 2010 we reached our goal of 1,000.  Along the way, and in cooperation with local churches, we also minister to orphans, street children, prisoners, school children and their teachers, hospital and mental institution patients, "unreached people groups," unsaved young people, and students preparing for Christian ministry. 

Will you join us?


Every prayer and/or financial offering makes you a partner with the staff and missionaries of Bibles For Russia and the hundreds of partners with whom we labor "over there." We thank you and pray God will "bless you and make you to be a blessing to all nations."

                              Genesis 12: 1 - 3


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e-mail us at:
Bibles for Russia      P O Box 69      Florence, AL  35631
 office:   256-718-3660      fax:  256-718-3662




e-mail us at: 

Bibles For Russia P.O. Box 69 Florence, AL 35631

  office: 256-718-3660 fax: 256-718-3662


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